Welcome to Kosmos Spa(ce). A temple of Self Care Potions.

Kosmos Spa(ce) Skincare infuses the medicinal bounty of plants with celestial inspiration, transcending earthly rules of time and space.

The Kosmos Spa(ce) line honors the liminal and the parasympathetic energies of rest, repair, and creation.

Kosmos Spa(ce) Skincare is the latest line formulated by founder and owner, Rachel Budde and is the sister brand of Fat and the Moon, an herbal bod care company founded in 2012.

Rachel's vision with Kosmos Spa(ce), is a botanically focused skincare line which combines the ancient art of herbalism with the latest in skin supporting technologies. Kosmos Spa(ce) potions are handmade with local, organic ingredients and extracts made in house. There safe and and effective formulations are concocted with the highest integrity, every ingredient is highly intentional.

The packaging was designed by Rachel, influenced by the magical folk motifs of her Slovenian heritage.

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