Kosmos Spa(ce)

Herbal Coffee


Looks like coffee, but doesn't act like coffee. You can have a rich hot bev, and drink it too. Replace the up all nighters with nervous system balancing reishi and chaga mushrooms. Nourish your almighty gut with dandelion and burdock. Blended by our herbalist founder who takes a cup of joe very, very seriously.

Kosmos Spa(ce) Herbal Coffee is deep and earthy rich enough to block out the bottom of your mug. 

 To Brew: 

Use 1-2 tablespoons per 8 oz of water and brew as you would coffee. 


Chicory root*, dandelion root*, burdock root*, coconut*, cocoa nibs*, reishi*, chaga*, cardamon*, 


Comes in a home compostable bag.

10 fl oz.

Herbal Coffee


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